Our Story

It’s all about Health and Community …

7 years ago we started designing Health Programs, such as Running events, Pilates in the park, Walk with a doc and Trail yoga. These events were tied directly to City projects that focused on the built environment, creating more trails and green spaces.

We focused on creating community connections with events and rewarding healthy behaviors. As we put these events on we encountered a common theme, families asking if they could bring Pets!

So naturally we accommodated this request and we quickly realized the opportunity we created for families could be replicated for Pets.

Our goal is to provide Pet Families with a unique experience where they can share the activities they do with their Pets AND get rewarded for Healthy Behaviors.

The PetsRFit2 team is a group of individuals experienced with Health, Wellness and Community development, focused on delivering a unique experience for Cat and Dog Lovers.





Atlanta, GA